Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Third time UNLUCKY

You know what its like...you think it cannot POSSIBLY get any worse!!?? Then..guess what!!?? Yup..it pigging does!!!!

So.....I'd gone to my doctor last Wednesday and she saw the state of me, we made a plan that I go back in on Monday to get bloods done and formulate a plan. Monday arrives and she admits that she wanted to send me in to hospital the previous week, but with the bed crisis being critical she didn't want to put me through it. Now though, my condition had gotten so bad my motor function was being affected. I was spiralling down and we didn't know why!!!

We decided that as my Rheumatologist and Pain doc was at St Vincents in Dublin, then that's where I should go. Neither of us for one minute thinking they wouldn't give a shite! Sorry but its true.

Anyways.....off i trot to St Vincent's UNIVERSITY Hospital in Dublin!!

Un-flipping-believable treatment. Not in a good way.
Reception staff, lovely, kind, understanding.
Triage? Err not so much. Remember now I've deteriorated to the extent to needing the wheelchair for anything bar pottering to the loo at home. First off, my wheelchair would not fit through the triage door. I kid you not. Its 2017 and my wheelchair could not get through the door and be maneuvered into place. That's not even it though.
You will probably have read me previous blogs about ED treatment well this takes the biscuit. The triage nurse in her fancy navy scrubs looks down her nose at me in the chair and starts to question my NEED of said chair!  She asks me in such a derogatory tone, if I can walk to which I said "well no not really", her reply?? "Well how did you get in the chair then?" At this point I'm a bit shocked so I just say "with difficulty".
Yet again I wear my heart on my sleeve and pour my heart out only for it to fall on deaf ears.

Yes I KNOW I am not dying, and I KNOW I do not have a limb falling off. And yes I KNOW this is not the way to access diagnostics. However I was at a point of true desperation. I was there pleading for help. Begging for help.

What did I get? Incorrect medical advice. Told to just take more drugs. I did inform the doctor I was already taking the max daily dose, she said no, take more frequently. I don't trust my brain any more so I just say okaaaay.  In my head thinking, I'm SURE that's not right. Turns out I was right!!! Imagine if someone didn't have my knowledge (such as it is these days)??
With this gem of advice I get told to go home and basically wait for my appointments to come through.

Yet again makes me ashamed of my peers. Someone does not choose this life. If you think at any point this is a choice we make, think again!

Anyway I've waffled on long enough, again. Thank you for reading.

Please Please share folks. Let's raise awareness! People with chronic illnesses do not WANT to be in ED, in fact I'd go as far as to say most of us would try ANYTHING else first.  If you are in the medical profession please remember compassion, it may not seem much to you but believe me it means A LOT!!

Also the Link to my gofundme page is below. As embarrassing as it is to need to ask. This is what it has come to.

Gentle hugs to all 💜💜💜💜💜


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