Monday, 26 March 2018

"Just" Fibromyalgia

Your vision blurs and doubles but nothing can be done...its Just Fibromyalgia
You cannot stand bright lights, going around like a Z last celeb with your sunglasses on.. it's just fibromyalgia

You cannot distinguish noise so conversations are hard to hold.... it's just fibromyalgia
Those noises you do hear set your teeth on edge.. guess what?  It's JUST fibromyalgia

Your migraines floor you and your body hurts all over, but you know what?  Is just fibromyalgia
Every day is like you've got flu.  Every step like walking through glue.... Yup, it's Just Fibromyalgia

Trying to hide the grimace from a simple touch, lying in bed recovering from getting up,  you're ok,  it's Just Fibromyalgia

Two words that cover so much "Just Fibromyalgia" yet don't do justice.  Much like "You don't look sick" We should be pleased to hear.
Fibro is the chameleon, for one the battle is fair and days are just a little tough for others days are long and hard and make you think "I've had enough"

But remember you're not alone, there are others that feel your pain.  Together we will keep on fighting,  never giving up. 

So every day think of one thing that makes you smile,  keep hold of that and never forget,  you're not alone,  you're still alive. 

#invisibilityhurts #justfibro