Sunday, 21 January 2018

Waking up


I'm finally off Amitriptyline!!!!
I've been off it a week now and despite still getting over the flu,
I'm not joking but it feels like I've woken up!!!

I've been trying to get off it for so long but my nerve pain always flared.
That drug really did turn me into a fat zombie!!

Amitriptyline is an old school drug (originally an anti depressant in higher doses) and is often the first thing thrown at us fibromites as it can dampen down nerve pain.
I can say yes it did do that, hence why I stayed on it so long,  but it also made me extremely drowsy. Thanks to my chemical sensitivity I could only tolerate a small dose so I never really twigged with the insidious grogginess and the intense carb cravings. Sugar in particular!
Sugar, as many of you know is so incredibly bad for us so I was just making things worse!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not cured, I'm still writing this whilst lying in my bed but my brain has woken up!!! I can't tell you how happy this is making me.

These pharmaceutical drugs get pushed at us so easily and yet they can do so much harm. We trust our doctors, of course we do, they're the experts BUT with an illness like fibromyalgia we need MORE.

We need vested interest.

So many of the so called experts still harbour doubts about fibro because it doesn't show up in standard testing.
No x-ray or blood test will tell you anything.

We don't get functional MRI scans that would actually show them that our brains are working differently. Firing way to much, our central nervous systems in overdrive.

We don't have our Substance P measured to demonstrate that our pain levels are 10 times higher than a "normal" person when experiencing the same stimuli.

BUT all that aside.....

Thanks to CBD, (cannabidiol) which is one of many wonderful cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

I've now come off {over months mind you}:

Oxynorm (opiate pain relief)
Tramadol slow release (strong long acting pain med)
Zopiclone (sleeping tablet)
Lyrica/pregablin (nerve pain med)

In addition
My doses of standard tramadol has more than halved.
My dose of anti depressants has halved.
My migraines are also much less frequent.

CBD is legal but underutilised.
Our medics are quite frankly ignorant about it. When in group we hear from a member that's had a positive experience after an appointment we all get so excited!! Maybe the tide is turning.
We need access to WHOLE PLANT CBD without being judged!!
It's reefer madness gone insane!!

I could go on but you've done well to read this much so I thank you.

My eternal thanks to #cbdbrothers they've given me my life back.
I dread to think of the dribbling mess I'd be if I was still taking all those chemicals.

Anyone wanting to know more about CBD we've a support group
CBD consumers group UK/EU
(Be warned though we don't allow bigotted trolls in)

Sending much love and gentle hugs to you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️