Friday, 10 February 2017

An injustice!!!

I had a post here ready to go about my stay in the rehab centre in Harold's Cross Hospice. I am going to put that on hold just for now as I simply MUST comment on the HPRA report released today.

I am quite confident that I am not alone when I say I am thoroughly disgusted by the reference to chronic pain in the afore mentioned report, and the overt exclusion of chronic pain from the list of approved conditions.

Firstly I will state that, of course I am delighted for those people that this report will help. I would have to be heartless not to. However, I feel a whole range of emotions about being essentially devalued once again.

I have attached a screenshot of the key part of the report (it's 80 odd pages long so good luck if you want to read it yourself, I'll post the link at the end).
I will paraphrase a bit here because my memory is that bad.

"while the evidence for cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain is acknowledged, the HPRA does not support it's inclusion as a specified medical condition for the following reasons"

1. The causes of chronic pain are wide and varied -

Yes they are. And?? Pain is pain is pain. Cannabis has been shown to help pain.   Next!!

2. Physical, social, emotional and spiritual factors influence a person's pain and therefore makes it more difficult for a doctor to assess it's effectiveness.

Obviously written by somebody never affected by chronic pain, because of course it bloody is!! We are social creatures, we are affected by our environment and the lives we are part of. The life of someone in chronic pain is one that can literally dig you into a hole that it is extremely hard to get out of.  Chasing pain relief is an ordeal in itself. The stigma attached to an individual seeking pain relief is quite remarkable. You leave yourself laid open, bare, inviting judgement and having to justify your very existence it is nothing short of soul destroying.

3. There are a large number of authorized medications that are of proven effectiveness....

Oh really, are there? And do they work for each person in the same way? Are they easily accessible without judgement and being labeled a drug seeker? Are they free from risk of addiction? Will one drug work for your condition infinitely?
That would be a big fat f@cking NO!!!!

This leads us on to a doozy at #4

4. Chronic pain is common. 

Well pardon me, but no shit Sherlock. The number of people that would be looking to access MMJ (medical marijuana) for their pain relief is HUGE!!
Let's ask ourselves who would be the loser in that equation? It certainly wouldn't be us the potential user. It's the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately the government through revenue it brings.

I personally had been in touch with Simon Harris, Minister for Health, on my journey to date as I've tried and failed to get help. Here again it shows he is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
I feel hugely let down. I can't actually list the number of feeling that have been spurred by this but you can be guaranteed they are not positive. I will continue to fight and I ask, nay beg! That you petition Simon Harris on behalf of all the chronic pain sufferers that have been sorely let down by this latest failure. 

The fight goes on. 

As always much love and gentle hugs to all, don't give up!! 💜💜💜💜

If you are able please help me continue my fight. 

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