Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cannot get worse...surely!!???

Just when you think you're at rock bottom, Fibromyalgia decides, nope, you can take some MORE!!!

Cue FLARE!!!

If you know someone with FM you might hear them speak of flares, flaring etc. Please don't dismiss this as any minor thing.

So me. I'm already pretty much stuck in bed due to pain, I have been fighting though. I try get downstairs once a day (its the getting back up that's the kicker!), I sit on my exercise ball, I also do leg and hip exercises in bed.
My pain is evil and I have had moments where I do wonder how I can carry on. But I do. I'm a Mum, its my job.

That's before the F@#&ING FLARE!! Excuse my French.

So my darling boy brings home a little virus from somewhere. Runny noses all around. He's grand though, still running around like a nutter.

Me though?? Ohhh nooo. Jo gets to experience the special amped up version thanks to dear old FM. That's it. Jo gets to feel like this wee cold is the full on Flu.
Headache, muscle ache (this is on top of the bone and joint pain, yay! Not!), sore throat, temp fluctuations blah blah blah.

But an added bonus, is the Skin Flare.

OK, so, you have all been sunburned at some point? Or had a burn off something? Picture that, imagine that pain. The deep soreness.

Now imagine it ALL OVER YOUR BODY

I'm lying here, my PJ's hurting my skin. I made the mistake of scratching an itch...I could still feel the extra deep pain from that 5 minutes later (no joke, I timed it. 6 mins 16 to be exact).

This is on TOP of every other fibro symptom I and my fellow Fibro Warriors deal with every single day!!

So if you know someone with FM. Please please take a moment to see if you can help them at any point but especially if they are unwell or tell you they are flaring. Its no small thing.

Bring on the medical marijuana I say!!! (Well done guys and gals for getting the bill so far!!)
For now, I am going to put some CBD to a true test......

Once again. Thank you for reading.

Please Please share folks. Let's raise awareness!

Also the Link to my gofundme page is below. As embarrassing as it is to need to ask. This is what it has come to.

Gentle hugs to all 💜💜💜💜💜


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